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I just wanted to update you on the work we did on getting me to grow my nails. I am doing really well about calming my hands down, keeping them away from my mouth and filing them when they are rough. They are growing (I didn't realize how slowly they grow)! I still listen to your second therapy recording every other day or so. I think that I would like to have sessions with you from time to time to reinforce the work we did together. In my eyes, you were able to help me build a stronger, more confident, more accepting self-identity. You were able to help me realize that through life's stresses, everything will ultimately be okay, and you were able to help me settle myself...I can settle my "ADHD hands" so they are not constantly searching for rough edges on my nails. I think my nervous system is picking up on my calmer hands. I've felt calmer myself.


I saw you last year for your help with my fear of flying (EFT rocks!) and we also shared a beautiful hypnotherapy session to help my inner child feel safe and find peace. I would like to schedule another Essential Healing session with you to find forgiveness and closure for a terribly sad and painful situation I'm currently experiencing.


Thanks so much! I love my CD. I listened to it while falling asleep last night and I slept great!


And thank you again for assisting me with my "fear/dread" of flying. I was so much better coming and going on our Cabo trip last week... I am not certain that I need another session, but then again, I will remain open to it in the event I fly again and have issues.


Lucy helped me so much with my trichotillomania; also known as hair pulling. I had been doing it for years and it needed to stop. I was beginning to show signs of balding and always had to wear hats and wigs. Now I am two months pull-free thanks to Lucy’s hypnotherapy sessions. She guided me to regain my self-confidence again and find balance in my life. She helped me through with relaxation and guidance to get more clarity about the real problem at hand. All I can say is that she helped me tremendously and now I can feel confident and calm that my hair pulling is done for good.


Pleasanton, CA

I came to Lucy because I suffered from severe IBS symptoms and was desperate for help. I went in with an open mind and discovered that only after a few sessions, my symptoms started to ease. What was so amazing to me was that I truly felt "healed" after such a short period of time. Not only did Lucy help me with my IBS but she also helped me in dealing with my anxiety. Seeing Lucy changed my life and I am so happy!


Danville, CA

I went to Lucy looking for help in quitting an over 20 year smoking habit. I am proud to say that after almost a year, I am still a nonsmoker! After only a few sessions, Lucy not only gave me the tools to stop smoking, she also helped me with a bout of insomnia I was experiencing. Lucy is wonderful and I am very glad I met her!


Castro Valley, CA

This stuff really works!


I can't thank you enough for the relaxation session. I find that I can re-create the process mentally for myself when I need to.


Saturday will be four weeks since my last cigarette and I never thought that would be possible. I feel great and I can't believe how easy it has been to be a non-smoker.


My surgeon was amazed by how quickly I regained full bowel function after surgery this time.


I felt my burden lightened after our conversation and your relaxation technique. A genuineness and grace comes through in your style, inspiring more self assurance in me.


My doctor said there was very little bleeding during the surgery.


All the fibromyalgia symptoms are gone! Thank you for giving my life back to me.


Hello Lucy,

I would like to thank you for the relaxation session. Here is what it felt like:
There is a feeling that you sense right before you fall asleep.
During that moment, you go into your innerself and protect yourself for the night.
During the relaxation sessions, you feel that sensation but this time it lasts longer and you can remember it.

W.B. - A Middle School Student

Hello Lucy,

It was great to share this special moment with my son. He wrote this letter by himself and you can put it on your website if you want. Thanks for this great session in your little oasis.

F.B. - W's mother

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