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An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from panic and anxiety disorders. Are you one of them?

Heart palpitations from anxiety can be so severe that you think you’re having a heart attack! Maybe you've experienced excessive sweating and shaking, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), GERDS, breathing difficulties, high blood pressure or a host of other physical symptoms that make panic and anxiety a significant medical concern for you.

Whether the panic/anxiety is situational (occurring with specific, identifiable triggers) or general (non-specific and pervasive), the negative, restrictive impact on your life is immeasurable. Often the people closest to you don’t understand how hard you’re trying and how miserable it is.

All too often, where there is panic and anxiety, phobias follow. What begins as a fear of driving through the Caldecott Tunnel becomes a fear of the fly-over on the way to the tunnel, and then a fear of driving on the freeway that leads to the fly-over, and then a fear of getting on the street that leads to the freeway, and then … and then …

Fear of flying … fear of dogs … fear of heights … No wonder it seems as though your world is getting smaller and smaller – it is!

There's good news in all this. Honestly! I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people get out of the “Emergency Room” of their lives. Easily. Naturally. Permanently.

Since 1992, my clients have enjoyed a 100% success rate for flying phobias and dog phobias, 85% success rate for public speaking phobias and 90% success rate for driving-related phobias. They've aced their SATs and passed their Bar Exams.


Thanks to custom-tailored, highly individualized sessions of hypnotherapy and EFT, countless adults and teens sleep better at night and enjoy calmer, happier days. It really works!

"If you asked me not too long ago if I thought I could overcome my fear of flying, my answer was no. After seeking help, I started to believe it was possible yet remained very skeptical that being 'normal' on a plane was possible for me.

"Well....the day has arrived. I am no longer afraid to fly!!

"I have overcome a massive fear that has physically and emotionally tortured me for as long as I can remember. I couldn't be any happier or more grateful.

"It feels completely surreal to be on a plane and experience it purely as a mode of transportation. And to be able to experience myself as the real me while traveling in it, well that's just remarkable.

"Who I am today would not have been possible without my earth angel, Lucy Grace. In addition to facilitating me overcoming my fear of flying, she continues to support me in living my best life as my best self. There is no greater gift. May she be infinitely blessed for sharing her talents and heart as she does. She's changed countless lives for the best and I'm honored to be one of them."





From a Satisfied Client
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