The Sacred Science of Energy Healing

Time to Unleash Your Innate Superpower

I’m very excited to share a new program called The Sacred Science of Energy Healing. I helped to create it with the team at The Sacred Science, who were a lot of fun to work with. You may know The Sacred Science team from their award-winning documentary about indigenous healing plants and shamanism in the Amazonian jungle.

I spent a day with The Sacred Science team leaders Nick Polizzi and Mileen Patel sharing information on three techniques I’m passionate about:

• A TAT shortcut very suitable for children
• A Sacred Light meditation
• An introduction to The Vimala Alphabet and the tradition of writing as a spiritual path

My contributions and those of other energy healing experts were combined to create The Sacred Science of Energy Healing, a simple, resource-rich video library of usable techniques and information.

If you’re curious, you can start with these three lessons for free:

#1: Simple exercises for releasing negative energy and emotions in your body

#2: The Golden Waterfall – A Guided Meditation to welcome in energy and then clear any blockages, followed by a Reiki Exercise for grounding and protection

#3: The Energy Tourniquet – Qi Gong exercises that support the energy body with the physical body to help you to heal, and to rewire the brain

Click HERE to go to the 3 free lesson videos - you’ll also be able to purchase the full program directly from there.

Free Essential Relaxation   Downloads


Two mini-relaxations to shift you into higher vibration just about anytime!

Next time you’re having a bad day – or anytime you just want a break -- relief is just a few clicks away. Both of these mini-relaxations are under ten minutes and will help normalize blood pressure; relax tight, tense muscles; quiet your jagged thoughts and help you regain creativity, focus and concentration. Perfect for new non-smokers!

Download once, listen again and again!

Power Relaxation provides a thorough head-to-toe relaxation for your tense, tight muscles.

Office Escape transports your frazzled self to a beautiful beach for replenishment and renewal. Remember: What the mind sees, your body follows. You'll swear you're on vacation!

Both downloads provide serious relaxation and are absolutely not to be used while operating a moving vehicle!


Power Relaxation



Office Escape

Divine Light with Kindness

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