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September 2023
Living Proof

My husband and I moved from one town to another recently, from a house of many stairs to a one-story of similar but slightly smaller size. It was a move we chose to make and have been planning for quite some time.


I figured that after 29 years in the same house a move would have its challenges but I wasn’t at all prepared for the series emotional earthquakes and aftershocks I ended up dealing with. 


A volatile housing market and a dearth of inventory prompted us to seal the deal on the new house rather quickly after nearly a year of looking, looking, looking.  Think of the worst possible case of buyer’s remorse and you have an idea of my state of mind for the first few weeks after we moved in. I’m talking panic attacks in the middle of the night and rabid brain fog during the day. Anxiety and Regret moved into the driver’s seat of my life and Resentment took a window seat.


Where we put our focus is what expands, right? Every day, in every way, my focus was drawn to what wasn’t working about the new house. So many things! Not surprisingly the more problems I noticed, the worse I felt about the house we’d chosen.


If only we’d kept looking.  If only we’d looked at this house more carefully before making the offer. If only the Bay Area housing market wasn’t so crazy. If only we could have figured out a way to put in an elevator in our old house. If only …




I now recognize “if only” as two of the most toxic words in the English language. The problem wasn’t the house, it was my focus. I was poisoning myself. The stress of this big change dysregulated me back into an old pattern of victimhood and suffering.  It’s a state of being that used to define my life; thankfully I’m no longer comfortable spending much time there. Another big move was in order, this one involving my focus and attention.


I intentionally began shifting my thoughts toward gratitude as often as I could. I acknowledged the Anxiety, Regret, Resentment and lovingly asked them to leave my bus. Honestly it felt like I was turning a light on in a dark room. Relatively quickly the sense of loss over leaving the many great aspects of our previous home softened and the aperture of my vision widened to include the many great aspects of our new home. I even found myself taking the plethora of unexpected but necessary repairs more in stride. 


Guess what? What we put our focus on is what expands.  Energy follows thought. Gratitude can indeed wire us for happiness. Trust me, I know whereof I speak.


“If only” landscapes come in all shapes and sizes and can really rob us of our joy in the now. Difficulty letting go of an ideal, longing for a baby, grappling with anxiety on airplanes or freeways, facing a difficult medical diagnosis – these are just some examples of situations that can lock us into negativity and emotional pain.  Let me know if you, your child or teen could use some help changing the view. I’m fresh from practice doing so myself.

Until next month, remember: All is moving toward the Good.

A Higher Perspective
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Someone to Watch Over Me makes a great gift!


Please add Someone to Watch Over Me to your list of supportive resources for children and adults. Here are some reasons why:

  • It's beautifully illustrated by visionary artist Mary Derrick

  • It offers 26 avenues of connecting with Heavenly Guides and Angels - one for each letter in the alphabet.

  • It can be a door to spirituality for children and adults who are aren't already oriented that way

  • It's non-denominational and non-religious so you don't have to worry about offending anyone you give it to

  • It is a keepsake hardcover workbook that the reader makes his/her own

  • It requires the reader's active participation through questions

  • It invites and fosters artistic imagination through the reader's own illustrations

  • It establishes life-long pathways for spiritual resourcing

  • It generates conversation and discussion about spirituality within families

  • It teaches kindness, compassion, confidence, inner peace and inner strength

  • It's simple enough for children and sustaining enough for adults

  • Autographed copies are available directly from me

  • Direct ordering is available from Amazon (qualifies for Prime shipping) and Barnes & Noble. See details below.


I now have copies available for purchase via PayPal which can be individually autographed and shipped as you wish. The cost per book directly from me is $19.95 + 8.5% sales tax and ground transportation costs. Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble are fulfilling orders within a couple of days and depending upon your account with those online retailers, you may qualify for free shipping.

Those of you who have taken the time and care to post your review of Someone to Watch Over Me on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, thank you very, very much! Those online reviews help tremendously to bring new awareness to the book.

My goal is 100 5-star reviews by December 31, 2017. Will you help me reach it? You don't have to have purchased the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble to write a review of it on either site.



Did You Know...

I'm very excited to be generating deeper engagement on the AHP Facebook page, LinkedIn and via Twitter, and would love for you to be part of these conversations. Your comments, likes and shares are welcome.

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Thanks for Your Support! 


As those of you who have experienced my work know, results are generally quick and so I'm always happy to welcome new clients. Your direct referrals are appreciated beyond words. Thank you for recommending me to your friends and family.


Several of you have been kind enough to post your comments on my Yelp profile. Thanks to you, more and more people are finding me through Yelp.


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Craving More of A Higher Perspective?  


Interested in backstories of my practice? My blogs often highlight client experiences as well as links to articles in the media about all kinds of fascinating mind-body-spirit topics. You're always welcome to comment on what I post either on the blog itself or my A Higher Perspective Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Also, I'd love to connect with you via Twitter (@LucyGrace888).

A Portal of Grace  


The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) has been "a portal of grace." It's the newest technique in my celebrated mind-body-spirit toolbox and there's nothing else like it in the cutting-edge world of meridian therapies. If you enjoy the tranquility of meditation, then TAT may just be the mind-body-spirit avenue of healing for you. Even the creator of TAT, licensed acupuncturist Tapas Fleming , doesn't know exactly how TAT works - it just does. 



Tap It Away! 


I have been using The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with adults, teens and children since 1997. A recent study confirms that there's nothing better than EFT for the stress carried by returning veterans. If you are interested in a copy of the study, please email me. My website has a lot more information about EFT, including client comments. EFT can be done in person, via Skype or by phone with outstanding results.

A Higher Perspective Anywhere! 


Skype sessions are now available for handwriting coaching, The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT).   I'm excited about bringing these extraordinary mind-body-spirit tools to a new, world-wide audience. Since I will be conducting all the Skype sessions in my San Ramon office, those clients will benefit from the high vibration so many of you have enjoyed there over the years. 

Trauma Relief 


In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Boston TAT professional Patricia Thatcher put out a call to the TAT Professionals community worldwide for volunteers to join a Trauma Response Team . Along with many of my colleagues, I answered Pat's call.


Please keep me in mind as a resource in case of future need. I am available for three free TAT sessions via phone or Skype (preferred) in the aftermath of any natural or man-made disaster.



Success at Your Fingertips 


Believe it or not, writing in cursive is an important mind-body-spirit connection. Although handwriting originates in the part of the brain that's most capable of change, I've always thought of The Vimala System of Handwriting as success at your fingertips. Using The Vimala Alphabet in a daily handwriting practice offers incredible benefits to your mind, your body and your spirit. Check out Vimala Rodgers' wonderful alphabet for the 21st Century on my website; then call me to arrange a series of handwriting coaching sessions in person, via Skype or by phone.


Vimala Rodgers has designed a postage stamp using the Vimala Font. You can see and purchase it here.

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