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March 2023

Not What You Signed Up For?​

For Richard it was the stunning diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.  For Yvette it was coming to terms with not having her own biological child.  For Nicole it was the realization that a move to be closer to her grandchildren robbed her of a sense of self she didn’t even know was important.  For Max it was the emotional minefield laid by an alcoholic, abusive father.  For Samantha it was the end of a marriage she’d sacrificed a lot to save.  For Parker who prided himself on being a hard worker and loyal employee, it was the third lay-off in almost as many years. (Of course all these names from my client files have been changed.)


As varied as these examples are, in each case real life detoured dramatically from expectation. In some instances the unexpected challenge was relatively short-term. In others an entirely new life plan was called for. 


When has life not met your mental or emotional picture of how things should be? Disappointment can be a small sigh of regret or a life-changing, dark-night-of-the-soul experience.  And adding insult to injury, in the current psycho-spiritual wave of positive thinking and manifesting, crushed hopes can seem like a character defect. What did I do wrong, what’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be handling this better? How can I possibly get through this?  


Consider these suggestions: 


  • Start with the truth of the situation.  What were you expecting?  What happened instead? 


  • Be honest about what you’re feeling.  When life hands us lemons, it’s human to feel angry, bitter, resentful, lost, confused. These are generally not comfortable feelings to hold and the subconscious pull to stuff them in a deep, inaccessible place can be strong. It’s one thing to hang out in denial long enough to gather the resources needed to face the situation squarely but it’s another thing altogether to choose to stay there. Stuffed feelings don’t magically dissolve. On the contrary, they can take on a life of their own, festering into depression and even physical illness.


  • Determine what, if any, action is appropriate to take.  For example, stalking your ex as he lives it up with his new girlfriend is not helpful in any real-life universe; however, writing a letter about how hurt and betrayed you feel – and then burning or shredding that letter can be enormously therapeutic.


  • Check your perspective. Is everything in your life a horrible failure/disappointment/shitstorm or does it just seem that way?  Be careful of all-or-nothing, black/white thinking than can fuel negativity and blind you to what isworking in your life.  Speaking of which …


  • Practice gratitude.  A daily Gratitude Journal is healing, nourishing and helps strengthen positive neuronal pathways.


  • Practice staying in the moment. Today’s challenges can be hard enough to navigate without the seductive spiral into future what-ifs added in.  Train yourself to notice when your mind has jumped to possible avenues of anguish ahead and then intentionally bring it back to the here and now.  Don’t be surprised if this happens a lot. It’s okay! Every time you notice and course-correct, you are doing your mind and heart a huge favor. Writing rows and rows of lower case “i” -- being careful to dot the “i” right at the top – is a wonderful way to ground yourself and keep your focus on the now.


  • Lean into Spirit. Various spiritual, metaphysical teachings offer existential context that can be enormously sustaining in such instances. If you don’t have a spiritual foundation, this is a great time to embark on a search for a religion, philosophy, community that makes sense to you. 


  • Get professional help. Shattering life experiences don’t have to shatter you. Professional support can be invaluable in identifying and strengthening your inner resources. I promise you have them!


Whatever you have going on, may spring’s promise of renewal lighten your heart and be a portal of grace and ease for you and your loved ones.


Until next month, remember: All is moving toward the good.

A Higher Perspective
2551 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Suite 254  

San Ramon, CA  94583  



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Vimala Rodgers has designed a postage stamp using the Vimala Font. You can see and purchase it here.

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