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Consider that when you write, each stroke of the pen not only reflects your personality, but also reinforces it. Because handwriting originates in the cerebral cortex of the brain, by intentionally changing your handwriting, you can actually change limiting attitudes and behaviors. Yes, Virginia, by changing your handwriting, you most definitely can change your life!

Every time we sign a check, are you reinforcing honesty, confidence, a healthy willingness to take risks... or a propensity for worry, fear, or perfectionism? The difference may be in a single stroke of the pen!



By undertaking intentional handwriting changes according to The Vimala System, you activate your brain’s neuroplasticity – its ability to change. A daily handwriting practice helps you replace self-sabotaging attitudes, behaviors and beliefs with self-affirming ones. Periodic handwriting consultations help keep you on the right track.

You need nothing besides paper, pen and your own commitment to change for the better. The fifteen minutes of daily handwriting practice can be done at your convenience - almost anywhere.

A single 40-Day Coaching Package = 4 sessions = $480

Session 1: 1 hour; Sessions 2, 3 & 4: ½ hour each; every two weeks

This work is based on the Vimala Alphabet, developed by Vimala Rodgers of the Institute for Integral Handwriting Studies. Transform Your Life Through Handwriting; Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life; Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life

Greater Self Esteem with a Stroke of Your Pen: An Interview with Vimala Rodgers|Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Click here to see The Vimala Alphabet. (PDF)

If you’re interested in more information about handwriting, check out these web radio programs. Rick Tocquiny’s two radio interviews with me (4/8 & 6/4) are archived here. Lena Gozurian’s one hour May 21st interview with me is archived here.

Watch Lucy discussing the Vimala System of Handwriting

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