• A crippling depression lead me to hypnotherapy over 20 years ago. After the first session, my life started changing for the better. Even my family noticed the improvements. A few months later I left my career as a family law paralegal and enrolled at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy. I welcomed my first hypnotherapy client on May 11, 1992.


  • You will not find any other practitioner who combines high-level hypnotherapy with energy/meridian-based techniques as I do. My healing work is completely unique.


  • I am a recovering perfectionist.


  • My dedication to the Vimala System of Handwriting began when I heard Dr. Vimala Rodgers on a radio program talking about how you can change your life by changing your handwriting. I adopted The Vimala Alphabet in 1994 and have been using it ever since. My daily handwriting practice helps keep me grounded and centered. I am passionate about the importance and value of writing by hand, especially in cursive, for children and adults


  • In my 40s, I had a panic attack at the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. I still remember how awful it felt as I broke out in a cold sweat and the store started to spin around me. Fluent in three languages, I couldn’t get a coherent sentence out in any of them. I don’t just feel compassion for my anxious, phobic clients, I feel core sympathy. I have honed my skills very carefully to create a mind-body-spirit approach that really works.


  • Nothing is more fulfilling for me than serving as someone’s "spiritual midwife."


  • It is a privilege to see the light come back into my clients’ eyes as they heal.


  • I’ve been married to Chris George Yaldezian since 1978 and we’re really good together. Son Matthew is Associate Director of Professional Programs at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and has at least one independent creative project going at any time. Daughter Lauren, a gifted writer, and her wonderful husband Will gave us the gift of Dahlia in 2015 and Andrew in 2017. 


  • That’s a red-tailed hawk on my logo. Hawk is the Messenger and symbolizes the value of keeping “a higher perspective” on one’s life. I am honored to carry this Medicine and use it on behalf of my clients.


  • Although I’m a life-long writer, the publication of Someone to Watch Over Me in 2016 finally made me feel like an author.


  • In case you haven’t guessed it by now, I have a passion for solutions. Some of my favorite clients came to me as a “last resort.” I helped them and I’d love to help you.

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