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When you get serious about becoming a non-smoker

This two-hour smoking cessation session offers you everything you need to become a non-smoker easily and permanently. My combination of tools is unique and effective. If you have the sincere will and desire to quit smoking, this is your path to success:

• Cord-cutting imagery to prime your subconscious mind for positive change.
• Full instructions and in-session practice on how to use EFT to fill-in any old smoking grooves in your brain, including physical cravings.
• A custom digital recording with personalized hypnotherapy to anchor your new identity as a non-smoker firmly in your subconscious.

One two-hour smoking cessation session (including customized hypnotherapy recording): $550.

Twentysomething visualized new, smoke-free way of life

By Jessica Yadegaran

Contra Costa Times

March 8, 2008

She was a lovely freshman. He was a studly senior.

He smoked. Soon enough, so did she.

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