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September 2019

Sensitivity is one of those traits that works best when in balance.

Too sensitivemay feel the world is out to get you or everyone’s feelings in a room belong to you. Completely

insensitive unquestionably underlies the lack of kindness and compassion tearing at the fabric of a civilized life these days. Check in with your inner sensitivity gauge and honestly assess its setting. Always remember that you are in complete charge of your

traits and therefore in charge of how you show up in your life.

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September 14  

Full Harvest Moon

September 22 - October 2  

I will be out of the office for the Feel the Spirit of Jerusalem Pilgrimage

September 23

Autumnal Equinox

September 28 

New Moon

October 13 

Full Hunters Moon

October 27 

New Moon

November 1 

Mercury Goes Retrograde

November 12 

Full Beaver Moon

November 18 

Mercury Goes Direct

November 26 

New Moon

December 12 

New Cold Moon

December 25 

New Moon

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