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April 2017

Moments of Peace

You've set aside a few moments to read this newsletter. Thank you. Now let's make the most of that.

As you are reading, whenever it feels right to do so, press your mental "pause button" long enough to check in with your body. How does your body feel right at that moment? Perhaps a tension in your neck ... or shoulders ... or lower back. Maybe a tightness in your chest or stomach. Take a deep, gentle breath in through your nose ... and direct that breath to the area that feels tense or tight, the place where you're holding difficult feelings and emotions. Imagine gathering up the tension, the tightness, any holding that may be going on in your body ... and just exhale it out. Continue breathing in, gathering, and breathing out for the moments it takes to feel clearer, calmer, more relaxed all through your body.

Then ... when it feels right to do so, travel to your mind and thoughts as you are reading.

Is it easy for you to focus on these words and their meaning, or are your eyes scanning the text while your mind is leap-frogging from one scrap of thought to another? Rest your mind and relax your thoughts by bringing both fully to your breath. Track each inhalation and exhalation. Where are they coming from and where are they going? Is the temperature of the air you breathe in the same as the temperature of the air you breathe out? Imagine the expansion in your body with every inhalation ... and the quieting more and more with every exhalation. As you notice your breathing, relax your breathing by making sure that each inhalation is happening through the nose and fully filling you to a count of 1...2...3...4...before beginning the exhalation, for as long as it feels good to do so. Always breathing in through the nose is essential; breathing out can be done through the nose or mouth, whichever feels more satisfying.

This is it. This is all you need to think about or do for now ... just noticing, just breathing ... allowing your breath to cleanse and clear you ... welcoming yourself back to stillness, back to center.

If fear of any sort is holding your breath hostage, I'm here for you. My mind-body-spirit toolbox is safe for children and teens, as well as adults.

Until next month, remember: All is moving toward the good.

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