Someone To Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me: A Spiritual Workbook for Children & Families

Whether your spritual beliefs include structure of a specific faith or not, Someone to Watch Over Me offers a door to making intangibility of faith accessible and real to children; an avenue of spiritual comfort, protection and guidance. This book serves to create a shared experience between and adult and a cherished child.

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"Someone to Watch Over Me is a sweet little gift of a book for connecting with one's inner spirit, for giving voice to one's inner being, and for connecting one's essence with Guardian Protectors or Guides.
Simple and inviting enough for children, lucid enough for adults...a precious offering."

~Edward Espe Brown Zen Priest, Author, The Tassajara Bread Book et al

"Someone to Watch Over Me is a lovely and accessible resource for parents, guardians and loving adults to share with children and youth. The book invites creativity and imagination, offers a disciplined approach to deepening one's spiritual life, and introduces the reader to a wonderful variety of "guardian protectors" to expand an understanding of the richness of the Spirit of Life. I think it will be a valuable tool for working with children and youth at home, building spirit and relationship. As a bonus, I think adults will also want to work through this joyful book."

~Rev. Dr. Martha Williams, Minister, Disciples of Christ

"Someone To Watch Over Me can help a child feel safe by introducing angels with messages that can ease a child's anxiety and soothe their trauma. It can be a constant companion as the child moves through the challenges and joys of growing up and as the child's "imaginary playmate" transitions into a lifelong friend."

~PJ Gunter, Minister-in-Development